Tips for Buying a Home:
1. Get pre-approved for a loan. Pre-approval will help you understand what you can expect to borrow from a lender as well as know how much you can spend. Knowing what you can spend will help you narrow your search for a home. It can also give sellers confidence in your seriousness when buying their home. Don’t know where to start? We have a list of recommended lenders who have a proven track record with previous clients.
2. Prioritize your needs and wants. Knowing what your needs and wants are will help you narrow your home search and make decisions when making an offer. Create a checklist of your needs and wants to help you.
3. Find the right real estate agent. Having the right agent is like having an insider to the world of home buying. You want someone you can trust and who will give you quality advice. 
Tips for Selling Your Home:
1. Educate yourself on the competition. Work with your agent to educate yourself about price, type of sale and condition of homes that your home is up against. Attend open houses and do a real estate reality check.
2. De-personalize and de-clutter. Take all the things that make your home "yours", pack them up and store them. Buyers want to visualize your home as theirs and it's easier for them to do when room items are kept to a minimum. Once you do this, then keep it clean!
3. Listen to your agent. Experienced agents will have a successful track record selling homes in your area. Trust your agent and follow their advice as often as you can. Before you know it, your home will be sold!